Applicious Festival at Arlington Orchards

I can’t think of anything that sums up autumn better than apples. They are easily my most favorite fruit. If I don’t have at least one a day, I swear, I start going through withdrawal! It starts with the shakes, then I go into convulsions…ok just kidding, it’s not that bad – but it’s still pretty bad! Anyways, having lived in Alberta my entire life, the only apples I have actually picked from a tree are crab apples, which are nothing compared to a beautiful Jona Gold or Ambrosia or Honey Crisp. So when I heard about the Applicious Festival at Arlington Orchards (just over an hour from Charlottetown) I really had no choice but to go.
Sure lunch was included in the deal and there was entertainment and a pie eating contest, but the best part was definitely the apple picking itself. I honestly felt like I was 5, pulling my little, red wagon up and down row upon row of apple trees. After tasting to choose which variety I liked the best, I went to work searching for the best Melbas I could find. I had never heard of them before, they were sweet yet tart, almost a cross between a Honey Crisp and a Pink Lady. The coloration was gorgeous, blushing pink and sun-kissed, yet a pale, innocent green underneath. And here’s the best part – 10 apples and 3 pears (they grow them too!) cost me a mere $3.10! That’s only $0.55 per pound!!!! Insanity, that’s all I have to say.

On top of it all, I even had the opportunity to meet Chef Lynn Crawford! She was extremely down to earth and provided some great advice on what it takes to succeed in the industry. Such an amazing role model for aspiring female chefs!

Now for the hardest part, deciding what to create with my bounty. I smell some apple pie, apple crisp, apple tart, applesauce…all in the near future!

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