Bake…and they will come!!!

I love my Sunday mornings. Sleeping in, lazily lounging in bed for another few hours, sipping a warm mug of coffee…oops reality check. More like waking up at 8 and getting straight out of bed – for the record, I hate coffee. However the one aspect of Sunday mornings I love to embrace is breakfast. Every other day of the week is reserved for mediocre toast and cereal, maybe an egg or two if you are lucky. But on Sunday, the sky is the limit. French toast, waffles and of course, pancakes. This morning was no different. Even though I am living on my own now, Sunday breakfast is still a tradition and I have no intention of breaking it. So unless I wanted to scale back my pancake recipe to 1/8 of its original size, I had to find some actual “starving students” to share them with. Eager as I was, I failed to compensate for the fact that last night was Saturday – not only that but the FIRST Saturday of the school year. Up and ready to face the day, I went out in search of people to feed. Knocked on one door, then another, and another. Needless to say there were no smiling faces opening up to greet me. I baked my pancakes anyway and waited. They started getting cold so I covered them with some foil and in the oven they went. By noon I had done a second circuit of knocking on doors (still no luck) so I resorted to actually turning the oven on to warm. Now I was starting to get frustrated. But just as I was ready to chuck them all in the garbage (who really wants soggy, old pancakes anyways?), I finally had a visitor. And the only thing that stopped him from eating the entire plate was his courteous thought to share some with his roommate. MADE MY DAY. The morale of this little story is that the saying is true – “if you bake (or cook or whatever it is you choose to make), they will come”. Even for soggy, gross blueberry pancakes!

This was taken while they were still fresh!

As a side note, unfortunately I am not sharing the recipe for this one. It is a family secret. For all I know, it’s not even written on paper anymore. I have had it memorized for longer than I can remember!

2 thoughts on “Bake…and they will come!!!

  • September 12, 2011 at 8:53 pm

    I love that you fed your neighbors with pancakes! I’m giggling at the thought of you waking them up to do so though. As a true morning person, I can totally imagine doing the same thing.

  • September 12, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I really appreciate it especially since I started this all up I am realizing that the hardest part isn’t the writing itself, it’s getting yourself out there! Enjoy! I love yours too by the way 🙂


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