Double Chocolate Pudding

I am an addict to dark chocolate. Show me any other dessert from cheesecake to apple pie and I won’t be tempted, but simply mention the word chocolate, and I am there. I was having an insane craving for chocolate pudding after school today so I decided to try one of Ina Garten’s recipes that has been sitting around in my binder forever (untouched for some strange reason). It didn’t let me down. And now I also have leftover chocolate pudding for the next week! Yippee!!!

double chocolate pudding
– 2 cups milk
– 6 egg yolks (it said to use extra-large, but I used large and it worked out fine)
– 1/2 cup sugar (I didn’t find this quite sweet enough so I also added a tiny squeeze of honey at the end)
– 1/4 cup cornstarch
– 3 tbsp. cocoa powder (I used Fry’s)
– a pinch of salt
– 1 oz. of premium dark chocolate (Lindt is my favorite)
– 2 tbsp. heavy cream (it also said to add butter but it seemed like overkill, and tasted perfect without)


double chocolate pudding
Whisk the eggs and sugar until pale yellow and thick.


double chocolate pudding
Then add the cocoa, cornstarch and salt
double chocolate pudding
2 for tonight, 2 for later


Heat the milk in a medium saucepan until it is just about boiling. Meanwhile whisk together the eggs and sugar until pale yellow and thick. You could use an electric mixer but a whisk worked fine for me (and it’s less dishes). Then add the cornstarch, cocoa and salt. Once this is combined and the milk is hot, you want to start incorporating the 2. Make sure to do it gradually, while whisking (this is called tempering) to ensure that the eggs don’t curdle. Chocolate scrambled eggs really is not what you are striving to achieve here, believe me, I have done it WAY too many times. Once it is all combined into one mixture, pour it back into the saucepan. Cook over low heat until it thickens, whisking CONSTANTLY!!! Please trust me when I say that you should not try to rush this process. It does take patience, but it is even more aggravating when you decide to crank the heat and destroy the entire batch. I know this from more experiences than I wish to count (hence why I am going into culinary, not pastry!). Eventually it will thicken (and you will get carpal tunnel in your wrist from all the whisking). Remove from the heat, add the dark chocolate and cream, and pour into bowls. If there is any extra, store them in sealed plastic containers, just make sure you don’t keep it too long because it contains eggs (let’s face it though, someone will end up eating it well before it goes bad). Chill and enjoy!
double chocolate pudding


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