Foie Fanatic!

I started thinking about foods I haven’t had in a while, and the first ingredient that came to mind was foie gras. Mind you it hasn’t even been 3 full months, but for an addict like me, that is a really, REALLY long time. For those of you who don’t know what foie gras is (pronounced fwah-graw), it is enlarged goose or duck liver. As unappetizing as this may sound, it is perfect. I am refusing to try and describe it because nothing I could say would do it justice. Everything from it’s taste, to the way it feels in your mouth (imagine the silkiness of 1000 thread count sheets, but on your tongue… and without the taste of cotton…see I am already butchering it!) is pure heaven. Sure it may be expensive, but I would take a meal of foie gras over new clothes or jewellry anyday! In fact, I did just that for my graduation present!! No commemorative necklace or ring for me, instead I feasted on foie. I ate everything from foie gras mousse with Pop Rocks, to a dessert with chocolate cake and foie gras icecream. Unbelievable.
I support foie gras and I support it whole-heartedly. Sure, no big deal, most of you are thinking. Well, I failed to mention the controversial aspect of eating goose liver. It does’t just become fatty and rich and delicious on its own, this involves a process referred to as force-feeding. Wait! Don’t jump on the animal rights bandwagon just yet, these geese/ducks are treated more humanely than probably any cow, pig or chicken ever is. During the feeding (which only occurs for the last 2 weeks of the animals life, up until then they are free to roam and graze to their heart’s content) a narrow tube is inserted down their throat for under 5 seconds. This mixture, made mostly of corn, causes the livers fat percentage to increase drastically (hence the amazing taste).
People tend to get riled up because just like everything else out there, a few bad examples have ruined the reputation of the industry. Although it is only a select and twisted few, videos have gotten out of people throwing ducks against walls, and other disgusting, cruel acts. But real farmers treat their animals with respect. They establish a routine, feeding at the same time each and every day to reduce the amount of stress involved. After all, a happy goose will end up tasting better than a tortured one. Just think of the difference between your typical, supermarket chicken vs. an organic, free-range one. Case in point. If you still are not convinced check out the video from Hudson Valley Farms.
I’m not trying to tell you what to believe. Everyone is free to form their own opinion, no matter what the issue. Just make sure to educate yourself regarding all perspectives (clearly my article is a *little bit biased but I have done my research and foie gras has my support as long as humane methods are practiced). Also, I encourage you to try foie gras if you get the opportunity. People get it in their head that they are eating liver and it tends to freak them out. But I know that if you ate it without anyone previously telling you what it was, you would be pretty impressed. If you are still grossed out, google what is in a hot dog, then come talk to me! Keep an open mind and an open stomach; the world has some pretty tasty things to offer!

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