Another Sourdough Update

I think I am finally getting the hang of this! Baking bread, it’s just like riding a bike! Minus the bike part, and the exercise…and the fact that you are consuming calories, rather than burning them off. Ya, ok, not so much like riding a bike. Point is, the more you do it, you start to get a feel for what the dough should look like, the consistency, the actual baking process, etc, etc.
After 4 loaves (all using the same no-knead recipe) in think I’m ready to go pro. “The Starving Student Bakeshop”…doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? Maybe SS Bakery? Or how ’bout “Starving Sourdough”? That’s the one – definitely my favorite.

Actually forget that idea, I’m not making enough bread to be able to sell it. I want it all for myself! Truth be told, I haven’t bought bread from a grocery store in almost a month now. It’s a pretty cool feeling to eat something that you have put so much effort and time into. And as the starter matures, each loaf is getting more sour than the last. Hopefully this weekend I will even get around to making pancakes or muffins. Yep, starter can be used in basically any form of baked goods under the sun! Although I would recommend baking things in the oven, here on Earth I don’t think the heat from the sun will be hot enough. Oh aren’t I just a barrel of laughs today? I think this might be a sign that I need more sleep, I’m losing it people, losing it!

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