Beautiful, Beautiful Bread Part 2

And as for the taste? Let’s just say the bread lived up to it’s appearance. The texture was similar to ciabatta but with that distinct sourdough flavour in the background. The crust had a good chew to it, very rustic.
I ate it for breakfast this morning, slathered with cherry preserves. Nuff said (I have always wanted to say that, not sure why…but now that I have done so, I really don’t need to do it again, it sounds kind of stupid, don’t you think?).

Any guesses as to my plans for tonight? You betcha, I am making some more no-knead bread!

One thought on “Beautiful, Beautiful Bread Part 2

  • October 15, 2011 at 2:54 am

    Great job on bread making! I have tried the no-knead method for a gluten free bread in my La Crueset and it is a great way of making a crusty loaf!
    nice work.


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