Turkey Quesadillas

I have been quite lazy when it comes to food lately. Combine this with the fact that I work in a kitchen and get fed every time I am there, I really haven’t been doing much cooking. However, I did make quesadillas the other night, the epitome of the “starving student” type meal. I still had some turkey left over from Thanksgiving (that’s what happens when you live by yourself!) so I added some cheese and veg, sandwiched it between 2 tortillas and there you have it. If that isn’t something that absolutely anyone can cook, I don’t know what is. Use whatever ingredients you happen to have on hand, my flavor combinations are merely a suggestion.


– 2 whole wheat tortillas
– turkey breast, shredded
– zucchini (sauted first in some olive oil, salt and pepper)
– cheese (a combination of shredded cheddar and crumbled blue)

If you are using a vegetable(s) or meat that needs to be cooked first, go ahead and do it. Unless you want to eat raw chicken….speaking of which, here’s a fact for you, there is actually a breed of chicken in France called “poulet de bresse” (blue foot chicken is the American/Canadian version) that is salmonella free, therefore it can be consumed without cooking. And yes, their feet are truly blue.

Back to the quesadillas, once all of the ingredients are prepared, it is simply an assembly job. I really don’t think I have to explain how to sprinkle on the cheese, then layer the turkey, then the zucchini…you get the point…I hope. I will say that it helps to start and end with a handful of cheese, allowing it to act as the glue that keeps everything together.

Once they are ready to cook, heat up a pan over medium heat (you will probably want to be on the low side of medium, rather than the high side). I cook mine dry, allowing the tortilla’s to toast sans extra oil/grease/fattiness. It is ready to flip once the first side is golden and crisp. Repeat on side 2, remove and cut into quarters, eat up!

2 thoughts on “Turkey Quesadillas

  • October 21, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    Your quesadilla sounds delicious. When I first started making my own tortillas, I was making quesadillas almost every day. We LOVE them.


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