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Why hello there readers of the Starving Student, remember me? Probably not, I’ve been a horrible person lately. To say I have neglected my blog would be an understatement. 2 posts this month and only 13 in all of 2012 (14 now!!!)? Yikes…. I sure fell off the bandwagon somewhere along the lines.

But enough with all the pessimism and negativity, it’s time for an update. A much needed update at that! All the things that have taken priority over this blog, well I am finally going to share. After I figure out where to begin….

So I guess that’s it for today folks, I will post again when I finally figure out how to collaborate my life during the past few months into one cohesive post. In the meantime, I will at least provide a picture. Adios amigos!

Oh come on people, have some faith in me, if only a little bit. I said it was time for an update and believe me, you are going to get an update.

Let’s go back to where it all began, on September 22, many years ago, I was born. Ok, seriously. I suppose the last time I blogged with any degree of significance was Christmas. That gives a good 3 and a half months to catch up on.

January was a bit of a write-off. Charlottetown in January – honestly, all I did was go to school, then go to work. Then school then work then school then work. Next.

February was pretty fun. I headed back west to Edmonton for my cousin’s wedding. What a whirlwind tour. Over 10 hours of travel and I was there a whopping 2 days. But still, super fun.

Upon my return to Charlottetown I wasted no time getting back into the thick of things. I decided to enter the 2012 Mission Impulseible Competition with my partner Jonah. The purpose of the event was to promote pulses of all shapes and sizes; beans, legumes, lentils, etc. Little did I know that the humble black bean would consume my life for the next 2 months. Even my roommate was sick of hearing about beans (not to mention taste-testing them) by the end of it all.

At one point I even spent a good half hour making this:

See, beans caused my mental deterioration.

But in the end of it all, it was definitely worth it. We placed third, however the experience both in product development and marketing was truly invaluable. Needless to say, I am taking a break from beans for a while.

In the midst of all the competition chaos, I went home to Calgary for spring break. It was kind of a surreal 10 days. All I could think about was beans but at the same time, I kept telling myself, “Mallory relax, you’re on vacation, beans can wait.”

“No they can’t self!!!!!!! Shut it and stop telling me what to do!”

Anyways I spent some time out at our family condo in Canmore, my favorite place in the world. If there was anything that helped me take my mind off of the competition it was skiing at Lake Louise. It’s not hard to see why.

I did lots of cooking and baking for the fam jam, including these pretzels from The Wednesday Chef. I don’t think we bought bread from the grocery store all week.

Also, I finally got to eat at The Coup, a vegetarian restaurant on 17th Ave that I have been meaning to try for ages. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures (I was too busy eating), but the falafel quesadilla was amazing! Spicy and crunchy and garlicky and surprisingly meaty for something that did not contain an ounce of meat.

Too soon I was back in Charlottetown and Mission Impulseible 2012 was upon us. The competition itself was actually in Halifax. I spent the night there and had the opportunity to eat at Jane’s on the Common.

 Arugula salad with toasted hazelnuts, risotto cakes with melted brie and vegan chocolate mousse (using silken tofu) for dessert. No complaints, it was all great.

Ok so there’s January, February and March in a nutshell, now for April. The month of PEI Burger Love on the Island. Another competition, go figure. It’s a promotional event and a bunch of restaurants in Charlottetown and area have created their own unique burgers using PEI beef. Customers vote for their favorite and at the end of the month we will see who is the winner.

As if I don’t make enough of them at work, I made some at home the other day too.

At the Brickhouse ours is called the Executive. We are doing a 6 oz. patty topped with double smoked bacon and pepper gouda with crispy fried onions, red pepper jam, spicy aioli, lettuce and cabbage, all on a homemade pretzel bun. That’s where I come in. Last Saturday I made 105 pretzel buns. Yep, 105. And by the end of the night, they were almost all gone. I don’t even eat meat but I’m an advocate for the Executive. I’ve definitely consumed enough of the buns! If you are in the area, I highly recommend that you come in and try it! I forgot to mention that they are even topped off with a deep fried pickle.

What else, what else? I entered a recipe contest at my school to promote tomatoes. I decided to try something different and whip up some tomato cupcakes.

I am also racing in the 2012 Underwear Affair when I get back in Calgary in June, June 2 to be exact. It’s an event to raise money and awareness for cancers below the waist. Anyone who wishes to donate can follow the link in the upper right-hand corner of my page. I would love all the support I can get, thanks!

And in between beans, burgers, tomatoes, running and everything else, there’s been….

Compressed melon. Vac-packed, frozen and thawed, creating a texture similar to sashimi.

More macaron. You thought I was done with them? Think again. This time chocolate ones at work.

A big ‘ol block of butter. Try spreading that on your toast.

 Candy! Who knew that some sugar and baking soda could be so delicious.

Sandwiches. All anyone ever wanted in life was a good sandwich, right?

Crepes with Nutella, raspberry jam and blackberries. An excellent way to start your day.

Happy Sunday everyone! See you in another 6 months 😉 Nah, I will be back later in the week with the crepe recipe. Cheerio!

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  • April 16, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    Hey stranger! Those pretzel buns look absolutely perfect. After 105 though, I suspect that I wouldn’t be wanting to make them at home! Enjoyed the update, have a GREAT week!


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