3rd time’s a charm…or not

There is only one word to describe yesterday’s 3rd Falafel Monday of the summer – disappointing. The Pita Basket Cafe was supposed to be good. Apparently they have been around for 40 years so theoretically they must be doing something right, right? Well unless that something is “mediocrity” I must be missing it.

Pita Basket Cafe
Pita Basket Cafe

It started off so promising too. Pita slathered with hummus then topped with an array of tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, pickled turnip, onions, parsley and tahini. Problem #1 – the pita was dry. We even accepted the offer to have it toasted and I’m not sure if the panini press was turned off or what, but that didn’t help. It was still cold.
Problem #2 – soggy falafel. Sadly, they were not fried to order. So who knows how long they were sitting around, losing their crunchy deliciousness.

Problem #3 – the combination of problems #1 and #2. When the two primary components of the wrap aren’t done right, you’re doomed from the get-go. If only the pita was soft and fresh and the falafel was crunchy, it would have been perfect. But apparently that was not meant to be so it ended up being just ok. Not awful, but ok. I’ll give it one thing; it was neat. However I would rather get falafel everywhere and end up having to eat it with a fork (sound familiar?) if it’s actually executed properly.

Pita Basket Cafe

Better luck next time I guess. For now Jimmy’s retains the falafel crown.

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