Falafel Monday #2 , Gelato for dessert!

After much anticipation (and deliberation of where to go) Falafel Monday #2 has officially come and gone. Probably making Monday my new favorite day of the week. It took me a while to figure out which place we should try next but after reading different reviews, blogs and forums, I decided on Jimmy’s A&A Deli. It’s on 20th Avenue just off of 14th Street NW. The fact that it wasn’t in the heart of downtown which eliminated the need to worry about parking was also a nice bonus.

The place itself definitely has character. The next time I am in need of spices or other exotic condiments, I now know where to go. They have everything from hibiscus leaves to pomegranate molasses to rose water to giant bags of fenugreek seeds. Not exactly ingredients you can find in your average grocery store.

They also had a wide assortment of phyllo related pastries filled with different nuts and chocolate and such.

But really we went there for the falafel so let’s get to it! We both ordered smalls and thank goodness because I swear they must have weighed at least 2 pounds each. Football falafel I tell you! They sure didn’t taste like footballs though, Jimmy’s falafel is wicked.
For all you know there could be a football hidden in there.

Somehow Alannah managed to consume hers much  more neatly than I. Apparently I was a neanderthal  today. Or maybe they just had it out for me and didn’t wrap mine as tightly.

In fact my only complaint (and it’s a pretty pathetic one at that) is the messiness factor. And even with that, I can’t say I wasn’t warned. Every review I found that recommended Jimmy’s mentioned that it was excellent but messy. After a couple of bites I resorted to a fork.
As for the falafel itself, so, so good. I loved the array of toppings which included; lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, radish, pickled cabbage, pickles, parsley and garlic sauce. That’s it…I think? There were so many flavors going on but they all meshed together to make it such an interesting sandwich. That’s one thing I love about falafel – each bite is a bit different. Crunchy, salty, spicy, pickley, garlicky. Then you get the freshness from a leaf of curly parsley. It just makes my day. Make sure you mouthwash though, bring some gum along or something because you wreak of garlic afterwards. But does it really matter when you get to eat a sandwich that is so amazingly good? I’ll take a weeks worth of garlic breath if it means I get to eat this baby.  
So how did Jimmy’s compare to the first falafel at Aida’s? I’m going to have to say that it was a winner in all but one category – crunchiness of the falafel itself. Don’t get me wrong, it was still crunchy but it didn’t have that “shatter in your mouth” quality that Aida’s did. However the plethora of flavor-bursting condiments still made it the overall winner.
Calgary has been undergoing a slight identity crisis lately and for some reason it is overwhelmingly hot out. Naturally gelato was the logical after lunch treat of choice. Amato in Kensington is where it’s at. The number of flavors are just as overwhelming, if not more so than the temperatures outside. Normally it is super busy and there can often be a line-up out the door so Monday at lunch was a good time to go to avoid the crowds.

I opted for the chocolate sorbetto and Alannah got vanilla Swiss almong, both of which were delicious. What I like about sorbetto as opposed to chocolate gelato is the absence of dairy. I know when you think sorbet, fruity flavors tend to come to mind. But the thing is, without milk or cream in there, you actually taste the chocolate. There is no additional richness taking away from the wonderful, luxurious chocolate itself. Or in a nutshell, dairy kinda bugs my stomach so this was my preferred choice. Either way you slice it (scoop it, technically) it was a great way to cap off the meal.
Until next Monday my friends! And if you have any suggestions for the best falafel in Calgary, I am open to any and all advice on where to go!
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