Falafel Monday #4

Man it’s already Tuesday and I have yet to uncover the glory that was Falafel Monday #4. Until now that is, until now. I know, the anticipation is killing everyone. I’m not even sure how you continually manage to survive.
Ok so yesterday Alannah and I decided to take our game to the next level. We taste-tested not one, but two falafels. Talk about efficiency. First was from Falafel King. I think the guy was kind of confused that we were only ordering one wrap. When Alannah said that we were going to share, he looked at us like we were crazy, and then proceeded to give her a free baklava-like pastry. How’s that for service?
The set-up.
A mountain of falafel. Clearly not fried to order but I kept an open mind.

Next stop, the Chick Pea.

With both falafels in hand, we made our way to a picnic table to chow down.

The Falafel King falafel was obviously larger  and cost one dollar more. $8 vs. $7.

Both wraps were quite similar. Each was topped with the usual suspects, tomato, lettuce, onions, hummus, parsley, pickled cabbage and tahini. Both were lightly toasted on a panini press and unlike last week, they were actually warm (yay!). Here’s where the differences lay:

- Falafel King also had hot sauce, although I can’t say it was overly hot. Cool idea though.
- The Chick Pea falafel was smaller. But I personally prefer this. First of all, it tends to be neater. More importantly though, it creates a better ratio of falafel:other condiments. Sure with the Falafel King one, some may say that you get more bang for your buck, but I hate how the wrap ends up dividing itself. On one side each bite is full of toppings while the other contains the actual falafel. However when it’s smaller, every mouth-full has a combination of falafel and everything else. So you end up with the perfect bite! One point for The Chick Pea.
- The Chick Pea was doused with sauce (and this is a good thing). Whereas Falafel King aired on being a tad dry (not only the pita but the entire wrap). That’s two points for The Chick Pea for those of you keeping score.
- Finally, and arguable most important of all, The Chick Pea had uber-crunchy falafel. I don’t even think they were fried to order either. But hey, if you manage to maintain the crispy factor, I’m not complaining. Unfortunately, the Falafel King falafel was kind of dry and crumbly. The type of dry that has you reaching for water. I want to hear that crunch and with The Chick Pea falafel, I did. 3 points for The Chick Pea, 0 points for Falafel Kind. Well maybe we can give them half a point for the hot sauce.
Regardless, The Chick Pea was the clear winner. The Falafel King falafel wasn’t even bad but when you were tasting them side by side, it was pretty obvious that The Chick Pea just tasted better. Setting aside everything else I just nit-picked, at the end of the day, it was more flavorful. If I had to choose, it’s the one I would go back for. Personally, I think it may be my favorite thus far. Alannah is still leaning towards Jimmy’s. Maybe we will have to get them side by side to declare the true winner. But until then, we still have some more falafel to try!

Left: Falafel King. Which really narrows things down. Right: The Chick Pea. Go figure.

Falafel King

The Chick Pea

But we’ll keep eating the Falafel King falafel anyways.

Falafel King on Urbanspoon Chick Pea Mediterranean Cuisine on Urbanspoon

4 thoughts on “Falafel Monday #4

  1. I love the Chick Pea and their falafel!
    Plus, the owners/family are super nice.

    I have heard that Shawarma Knight on 14st/15th ave SW has amazing falafels that they make fresh with each order.

    I tried Little Lebanon but their falafels were aweful!!!
    Their shawarma’s on the other hand were stuffed and looked awesome.

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