Birthday Dinner at Borgo

Scenes from my birthday dinner at Borgo Trattoria:
Borgo Trattoria
My first legal drink, a bellini with Prosecco and white peach puree. I’m surprised to say it was actually palatable, this coming from the self proclaimed alcohol hater.
Mushroom crostini, cooked down in white wine and cream. Rich and sumptuous.
Borgo Trattoria
Caprinese salad with fresh tomatoes, arugula, sun-dried black olives and croutons.
Borgo Trattoria
Arancini with cheese fonduta. They were amazingly crispy but my only complaint is that they were a little lacking in the flavor department. The risotto itself was plain with no noticeable additions and they could have used more salt. But good nonetheless.
Borgo Trattoria
Trevisana – a salad with marinated orange, radicchio and shaved fennel. Again good but the balance was a little off. Some bites had a nice ratio of sweet to salty but others were overwhelming sweet. I’m not sure what they marinated the orange in but it was almost syrupy.
Borgo Trattoria
Tagliatelle “Borgonese” – which I figured out eventually was a combo of Borgo and Bolognese. Clever right?
Borgo Trattoria
Ricotta gnocchi in a creamy tomato sauce. They also put a mound of melted mozzarella on the bottom which I thought was a lovely addition.
Borgo Trattoria
No comment on the desserts as we had carrot cake awaiting us at home but they definitely had lots to choose from. The biscotti on display when you walked in the restaurant looked quite delicious might I add.
Borgo Trattoria

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Dinner at Borgo

  • September 27, 2012 at 11:53 pm

    Belated happy birthday:)Sounds like a delicious dinner.Love your blog.


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