Dinner at Anju

Last night I finally went for dinner at Anju, a place I have heard lots of great things about and had been meaning to try for a while. It’s kind of a hidden gem, in the pretty nondescript house-type building off 5th avenue and 10th street downtown. Overall the food was great and I especially appreciated that the server knew the menu from top to bottom.

 We started with some edamame beans, coated in sesame seeds, “furikake” seasoning and truffle oil. They were perfectly salty and not over-cooked (not sad and limp like some edamame beans get mistreated).

A side of kimchi, super spicy with that funky, fermented, sauerkraut kind of taste. Sure it’s a condiment but I ate it by itself.

Lettuce wraps with tofu, sticky rice and garlic chips. This was probably my least favorite thing that we ordered, simply because it could have used more flavor. But that sauce…I have no idea what it was but it was the highlight of the dish.

As for the mixed mushrooms on toast – definitely my favorite dish of the evening. The mushrooms were earthy and paired with runny poached egg and crisp “toast”. Which actually reminded me of pizza dough in a weird way. Come to think of it, it tasted very similar to the Shroom pizza I always get at Without Papers. So how could it be bad?

These were probably the biggest chicken wings I have ever set eyes on. Coated in their signature Gochujang sauce, they were spicy and meaty. Well I don’t know that personally as I didn’t have any but I trust my dinner partner’s opinion.

And finally, dessert! Don’t even get me started on these babies. Nutella banana spring rolls with vanilla bean icecream “dipping sauce”. Need I say more? 

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