Lunch at Monki

I realized today that I hadn’t been out to eat in a long time. Add that to the fact that there wasn’t anything overly interesting to eat at home and what do you get? A lunch date, that’s what. I often peruse the internet to see what new and exciting dining experiences Calgary has to offer and Monki seemed to fit the bill. It’s a tiny little breakfast (and lunch) place across the street from Community on 10th Avenue. It may be tiny on the inside but their menu has a lot to offer.
I liked the fact that it wasn’t boring old bacon and egg breakfast staples. They had everything from Frangelico stuffed french toast to vegetarian Eggs Benny with spinach, roasted peppers and Prosecco hollandaise. I was craving the sumptuous-ness of runny egg yolks so that’s what I went for. Mmm mmm. I quite enjoyed that it came on a toasted whole wheat brioche bun of sorts, rather than a stale English muffin. I would definitely have it again (except there are way too many other options to try out instead).
Monki Calgary
Monki Calgary
Alannah went for more of a lunch option and ordered a panini with bacon, avocado and 3 cheeses. To be honest, we were too busy in conversation for her to give me the low-down but she ate it all so I will take that as a sign of general content-ness.
Monki Calgary
2 thumbs up for food, service and price, thanks Monki!

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