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This past Sunday we took my grandma out for a birthday brunch at the River Cafe. For as well known as it is, until yesterday I had never actually been there. It’s even more ironic because I worked at Boxwood Cafe, their sister restaurant, all summer.
The River Cafe is in an absolutely beautiful location. Sure, it is a bit of a pain to get to, but the walk is worth it. Especially with this snowy whether, it was a winter wonderland overlooking the Bow River.
We went for brunch and all 5 of us settled for more “lunchy” items. I had the salad with greens, apples, hazelnuts and some sort of cheese that was kind of like a cross between goat cheese and blue cheese. Oh and a dandelion vinaigrette. It was simple, straight-forward, fresh and really well seasoned. I also tried a freshly baked apple cinnamon muffin. Although moist it was a little bit tough. And it would have been better to cut the apples in smaller chunks so they could distribute throughout the batter.
River Cafe Calgary

My mom ordered the flat iron steak with roasted apples and chanterelles, my sister opted for the chanterelle quiche and grandma decided on gouda frittata (complete with chanterelles as well). Are we noticing a theme here? I asked and apparently they come from Saskatchewan. I had know idea there were chanterelles in Saskatchewan. Maybe it’s not so bad there after all…
As for my dad, he tried the rabbit pot pie and really enjoyed it.
It was a birthday brunch so naturally we had to try some desserts. My sister raved about her pumpkin creme brulee while my dad and grandma went to work on the wild rice pudding. I was predictable and got a creamy chocolate truffle to finish off my meal.

Overall, a great Sunday brunch in a gorgeous location!

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