Home Tasting Room – A Belated Christmas Dinner

You know you have a good friend when you are able to come to the mutual agreement that a nice dinner out would be a great replacement for buying each other Christmas presents. And since we both went on holidays during the holidays (is that confusing or what?), a couple of weeks ago we finally made it to Home for our long awaited meal.
Chef Xavier Lacaze (who competed on Top Chef Canada Season 2) has managed to create a really interesting menu putting a whimsical spin on local ingredients. I also loved the space itself. It was extremely open with a direct view of the line. Maybe too good a view in fact. One of the cooks was pretty cute and Alannah was staring off in that direction all night. If I would have known better I would have taken her spot instead of having my back to them. Darn.
Now more importantly, the food. I ordered the goat cheese and roasted garlic ravioli with preserved lemon butter and dried cranberries. I really enjoyed that the sauce was almost brothy (very aromatic too) and the preserved lemon slice provided the perfect salty bite. The more I think about it, the more I realize how creative the dish really is. Essentially it’s a play on your boring old spinach salad with goat cheese and cranberries, except in pasta form. Genius really.
Home Tasting Room
Alannah got the upscale “meat and potatoes”, tenderloin over potatoes and brussel sprouts with balsamic onion jus. Calgary might be redneck at heart but at least we make an effort to fancify things every now and then. Simplicity at it’s best, that’s what this was.
Home Tasting Room
Home Tasting Room
Home Tasting Room
We opted against appies in favor of dessert instead. Lana tried the rice pudding and loved it. I don’t really get the fascination with it but I’m always down for icecream! I got a trio of blood orange sorbet, strawberry sorbet and lemon Earl Grey icecream. Each came with a cute little cookie garnish (well except for the orange, it had candied zest instead). My favorite was a toss-up between the strawberry (unbelievable texture, smooth yet syrupy/jam-like) and the Earl Grey (which I liked because it wasn’t too sweet….wait is there such thing as too sweet?). My only complaint; why wasn’t there a chocolate option on the dessert menu? All of the choices were very similar, nuts and cinnamon being the theme. I get that it’s wintertime and all but variety is the spice of life (not cinnamon). Anyways I guess that’s kind of a pessimistic way to end off a post on what was a really great meal. It was good, I swear! I just have a bit (nope make that, a gigantic,) obsession with chocolate.

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