Late Night Dinner at Ox & Angela

After an evening out watching the Crowchild Classic at the Saddledome (a hockey game between the 2 rival university teams in Calgary) Alannah and I were left with our usual dilemma; where should we eat? We decided to head over to 17th Ave to see what tickled our fancy. I had totally forgotten about Ox & Angela until we drove by and I was like “hey I’ve been wanting to go there for a while!”. I walked by it every day going to work at Boxwood this past summer but since then, I guess it kind of dropped off my radar. Luckily there was a parking spot right out front and a table for 2 ready and waiting. Time for some tapas!
Here’s a sample of the spread:
To start, the ensalada with baby gem lettuce, apples, sherry vinegar and shaved manchego. Holy was that some delicious cheese. We also ordered some marinated olives (with citrus and chili) but apparently those were devoured before they were able to make their photo debut. 

Next up chorizo (left) and boccadillo (right). The boccadillo was essentially a Spanish grilled cheese, greasy in that perfect sort of way with crunchy sourdough, manchego and tomato.

The chorizo came with grilled bread to mop up the garlicky broth.

As always, we saved room for dessert. We couldn’t decide on one to split so we opted for 2; churros with chocolate sauce and a chocolate terrine with pistachios and Maldon sea salt. No complaints with either of them, I can tell you that! Overall, not a bad way to cap off a Thursday night. Or at least that’s what I thought until I decided to get up at 6 this morning to head off to the gym! As my dad likes to say, “if you wanna hoot with the owls, you better be willing to soar with the eagles”. So true.

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