Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

Forgive me but there’s been a multitude of thoughts running through my head this morning and I just have to get them out there. I’ve already made a few angry tweets but I think I will be a little bit less aggressive and explain fully the situation here.
So today my mom and I went on an outing, first to check out Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, which I have been meaning to try for much too long now (we’ll get to that amazing experience shortly) and then seeing as we were in the area, we stopped to pick up a few things at the Calgary Farmer’s Market, which I also haven’t been to in who knows how long. This is where my moral dilemma manifests itself.
Oh Calgary Farmer’s Market, what has become of you? What do I mean by this? Maybe it’s just me but when I go out of my way to make a special trip to the farmer’s market, it’s because I want to see what local fruits, vegetables and other products are available to be purchased and consumed.
Do I go to the farmer’s market to buy avocados from Mexico?
Do I go to the farmer’s market to buy snap peas from China?
Hell no.
I get it, not a lot grows in Alberta’s climate in summer, let alone in the middle of winter. But the whole point of going to the market is to buy things that I can’t get at the grocery store. Not the same products packaged in clear baggies to look like they were picked out of someones garden and then jacked up to twice the price! It’s especially aggravating because I am sure there are people out there naive enough to believe that they are actually buying local.
Maybe it’s just the big city mentally where everyone wants what they want, regardless of the seasons. In Charlottetown all you can get at the market right now is potatoes, carrots, cabbage, beets and maybe some other hearty root vegetables. Actually I remember that there was one guy who sold asparagus and bananas. And do you know what people thought of him? They thought he was a scammer, a fraud.
So what is so wrong with down-sizing the market in winter and simply offering what is available and good? I mean not every stall is offering products from a million miles away. I found some delicious Vital Greens heavy cream, Sylvan Star gouda and Innisfail Growers carrots. At least I know that they’re products from my own backyard.
Anyways I know that not everyone will agree with me. Admittedly it’s definitely convenient to be able to get all of your produce at one place. But that doesn’t make it right.
Let’s switch things up a bit, provide some positive energy now that I have expressed my disgust over societies food systems. Let’s get to what this post is really about.
Sidewalk Citizen Bakery.
A business that started with a guy delivering his artisanal sourdough bread to people riding around on his bike that has now become a cult following of sorts. And for good reason. They sell a variety of pastries and baked goods, from cookies and brownies to croissants and danishes. All made from scratch every single day. And that bread. Sourdough at its best. Really I’ve talked enough here. Let the pictures speak for themselves.
Sidewalk Citizen Bakery
Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding (STILL WARM!!!!)
Sidewalk Citizen Bakery
A variety of croissants, muffins and cookies.
Sidewalk Citizen Bakery
Sticky buns and danishes.
Sidewalk Citizen Bakery
Pain au chocolat
Sidewalk Citizen Bakery
Holla for the Challah!
Sidewalk Citizen Bakery
Crispy, flaky, chocolatey. You can’t tell me you don’t just want to dive right on into that.

Now that’s the type of place that makes me regain faith in humanity.
(did I mention that they use Highwood Crossing flour?)

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