Coconut Crusted French Toast

So the long weekend is soon upon us and that means a number of things.
First of all, no school. No 3 hour lectures? Yep, not complaining.
No school means sleeping in. Which for me is like 9AM tops. But still, not complaining.
And sleeping in means weekend breakfasts. So much cooler than boring weekday breakfasts. My mom said to me this morning, “Mallory, I’m getting really sick of toast”. I found this somewhat humorous because she’s an adult and could make whatever she wants for breakfast, yet toast always prevails. Personally, I don’t see what the problem is. I could eat toast all day every day. With almond butter for breakfast, some mashed avocado for lunch and perhaps veg and a poached egg for dinner.
But I guess not everyone views it as a blank slate for any flavour combo under the sun. Why they can’t see the light is a mystery to me, but we are going to roll with it.
This weekend we’ll get fancy. Coconut crusted french toast fancy. With fresh fruit and real maple syrup fancy (don’t even get me started on Aunt Jemima). Serve breakfast in bed fancy. Ha like that would ever happen in my house. God forbid we get a crumb on the pillow. Seriously though, how would french toast create crumbs?
Anyways, you are going to need to get yourself some bread. Then it’s time for a soak. Normally you would make a custard with eggs and milk and use that. But I didn’t have milk, just OJ. Why not? It worked, believe me I wouldn’t be advocating that you try it if it didn’t. Although that might be humorous. Mean but humorous. Moving on – let’s dredge our soggy bread in coconut. Sounds appetizing doesn’t it? Let’s put it in the pan and cook it. And eat it. Much more appetizing now.
Then we can go for a beautiful hike in the mountains or spend the rest of our long weekend however we see fit. Which probably means more eating and sleeping. Nothing wrong with that.
Coconut crusted french toast
Coconut crusted french toast

Coconut Crusted French Toast
Serves 2

4 slices bread
3 eggs
1/4 cup orange juice
1/2 cup shredded coconut

Whisk together the eggs and orange juice. Soak each slice of bread until fully saturated in custard (may take more or less time depending on the thickness of your bread and how dry it is). Coat (douse) each side with coconut.

Cook over medium to low heat, 3-4 minutes per side, or until golden brown. I used a non-stick pan so I didn’t add any butter or oil but feel free to do so if that floats your boat.

Serve with fresh fruit and maple syrup!

Coconut crusted french toast

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