Lunch at Alloy

Until a few days ago, when browsing through the pictures on my phone, I had totally forgot about my lunch date at Alloy Restaurant nearly 2 months ago now. Oops….
The thing is, I did want to write about it because it was really, really good. Apparently I just never got around to it as the lunch was scheduled less than 24 hours before I had to write 3 final exams in one morning. Will you forgive me?
Anyways, I went with my cousin and her new baby. Our server was amazingly friendly but I’m not sure if that is an accurate representation of her usual personality considering we had a baby with us whom she clearly adored. Ok, I shouldn’t be so mean, she seemed like a really nice person.
My cousin ordered the lobster salad with hearts of palm and passionfruit dressing. Not a combination you see in Calgary very often. She loved that it was something “she would never try to make at home”.
Alloy Restaurant
I ordered the beet salad. And if you think it sounds boring, well you’re wrong. Well you’re right, but you’re wrong. This beet salad took your traditional interpretation of beet salad and spun it on its head, upside down, around and around. There were so many different textures that you would be hard-pressed to say that they all originated from the humble beet. It wasn’t the prettiest looking dish, but the taste made up for it. On the bottom were your basic roast beets with balsamic and EVOO, all topped with arugula. But it didn’t stop there. The little balls were beet falafel, nestled on top of a beet emulsion. I could have ordered litres of the stuff to go and just drank it with a straw. It was that good, and so, so, smooth. Lastly, they made some crispy beet chips for texture. I love it when you order a dish and there is something completely different with each and every bite. This salad fit that description perfectly.
Alloy Restaurant

Alloy may not be the cheapest place, nor the easiest to get to (it’s tucked in an industrial area pretty close to Chinook mall, we drove by it a couple of times before we figured out that a restaurant was actually there). However, it is worth it if you are looking for creative, inspired dishes that taste as good as they are wacky.

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