Serious Pie

For our first night in Seattle, we fittingly ate at a Tom Douglas restaurant (THE restauranteur in Seattle); Serious Pie. As the name suggests, they specialize in one thing – pizza.
It was a bit of a wait to get in (the place was packed and for good reason), and luckily it didn’t let us down. I had to go for the roasted chanterelle mushroom pie. Instead of the usual truffle oil, it was actually topped with truffle-infused cheese, imported from Italy. A subtle truffle flavour came through without over-powering the gorgeous chanterelles.  The top was sprinkled with tarragon, a nice touch I thought. Also, the crust was definitely up-to-par. Not the best I have ever had, that honour still goes to the Neapolitan pizza we ate in Naples (surprise, surprise), but it passed with flying colours. Crunchy, chewy, the way a good Neapolitan style pizza should be.

chanterelle mushroom pizza with truffle cheese

Roasted Chanterelle Mushrooms with Truffle Cheese
chanterelle mushroom pizza with truffle cheesepizza at Serious Pie, Seattle

We also ordered a fennel sausage pie and a margherita, both of which were thoroughly enjoyed. I’m a sucker for mushroom pizza though so I stuck with that.

chanterelle mushroom pizza with truffle cheese
margherita pizza at Serious Pie, Seattle
Buffalo Mozzarella, Red Sauce, Basil

Dessert is not the first thing you think of when you are at a place renowned for its pizza, but they were the perfect finish to the meal.

Panna cotta can be scary if too much gelatin is used and it sets up super firm. Think of leftover gravy. The cornstarch causes it to harden in the fridge, yet it still wobbles ever so slightly. Scary stuff. However, this panna cotta had a texture similar to chocolate pudding, soft and creamy. Paired with a ganache that reminded me of the fudge sauce at DQ (and I mean this in the best of ways), it satisfied my constant chocolate craving without sitting in the pit of my stomach for the rest of the night.

chocolate panna cotta
Chocolate Panna Cotta

We also had to try Dahlia Bakery’s famous coconut cream pie. Good crust, coconut-y filling and a not to sweet mound of whipped cream on top. My favourite part though had to be the fresh toasted shredded coconut on top. No store-bought, sweetened, tiny shreds here. Just give me a hand full of those to chew on and I would be happy.

Dahlia Bakery Coconut Cream Pie
Dahlia Bakery’s Famous Coconut Cream Pie

If all of our meals in Seattle are this good, I will be a happy camper. What a great start to our super short visit to the city!

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