Cinnamon buns where???

Sometimes the best meals come from the most unexpected of places.
Did I think I was going to find anything noteworthy in Carcross, Yukon? Absolutely not. Frankly I was just hoping that they would have SOMETHING to eat after a 2 hour drive from Skagway, Alaska into the absolute middle of nowhere.
Carcross, Yukon
What I wasn’t expecting, not in a 100 million years, was an authentic sourdough bakery. Even now I’m like, am I reading that sign right? An authentic sourdough bakery smack dab in the middle of one of the most isolated places I have ever visited in my life? But it’s the truth, believe me, I’m not that talented with photoshop to make that picture up. I was there, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
Sourdough Bakery in Carcross Yukon
And I’ve eaten these….
gooey cinnamon buns
Warm out of the oven, just like they knew I was coming. If that’s not a lunch of champions, I’m not sure what is.
And if cinnamon buns aren’t your thing (which I’m not sure how they couldn’t be, seriously what is wrong with you?!?), how about some zucchini lime cake? This wasn’t just warm, it was piping hot. Burn your mouth hot. Like “shouldn’t you let that cool a bit before your slice it and serve it to people?” hot.
Zucchini Lime Cake
Once you are done eating, how about a visit to the Carcross Desert? You didn’t see that one coming now did you? A sandy desert amongst mountains and forests? This place is full of unexpected surprises.
I must admit, I did see it coming because it was on The Amazing Race Canada and they had to quad across it to one of their pitstops. But that doesn’t count, I had an unfair advantage over most other tourists (I don’t think any of the Americans or other nationalities visiting had watched The Amazing Race Canada).
So today’s life lesson; there’s something to be said about expectations. I was pretty lucky on this trip that most of my food experiences met and/or exceeded what I hoped them to be. Serious Pie, Dahlia Bakery and Portage Bay Cafe all lived up to the hype. But if they hadn’t, I would have been pretty disappointed. Now I don’t want to say that we shouldn’t have expectations. Without them we wouldn’t have standards to strive for or goals to reach. Sometimes though, it’s pretty nice when you are expecting mediocrity (at most), only to have your mind blown.
Carcross Desert
Carcross, Yukon

cinnamon buns

Welcome to Yukon sign
They took this slogan to heart when making their cinnamon buns!
The Duchess
This little train was also on The Amazing Race Canada.
Zucchini Lime Cake

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