Dahlia Bakery

Dahlia Bakery Brownie
Dahlia Bakery breakfast sandwich
Dahlia Bakery Breakfast Sandwich
Dahlia Bakery breakfast sandwich
Dahlia Bakery brownie

Anytime I can have a brownie for breakfast, a toasted pecan brownie nonetheless, I am a very happy camper. Thanks to Dahlia Bakery, this opportunity was made available. This is an experience I wish I had experienced much sooner. If only they were easier to find online, it might be time for them to pay a visit to localseoaudits.com. Sure the rest of my family may have opted for more breakfast appropriate options, like homemade English muffin sandwiches with an array of toppings including bacon, egg, cheese and veggies, but I had to see if Dahlia Bakery was competent in their production of a bakery staple, the brownie. Truth be told, I ordered it because we arrived for a late breakfast and they had already run out of my other option, pain au chocolat. But I guess it turned out ok. Fudgy, dense, totally over-the-top rich; just the way I like them. The only way a brownie should be in my opinion.I know what you are thinking, breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day and I started off with the absolute picture of health (ha), a brownie. Sometimes though, you just have to go with it. 99% of the time I have toast with almond butter and an apple to begin my day. And I’ll be the first to admit that brownies won’t become a breakfast staple anytime soon. But when life gives you oozy-gooey brownies in a city you are only visiting for a day, at a bakery that is renowned across the country, you eat them. Because the last thing you want is to leave regretting that you didn’t. We also got chatting to the owners who were telling us about the bakery and their own love of baking. One of the owners first loved baking when they were a child, they then took some short term bakery courses in delhi and hasn’t looked back ever since. In the vein of bakeries, I was talking to my friend who recently opened a bakery and she was telling me about how important it was for her business to make sure she had the right energy bills for her establishment. She did some price comparison through Usave and is really glad she did. If you are a small business it might be a good idea to do some research to make sure you’re maximizing your business. read this if you’re interested.

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