Dinner at 80th and Ivy

Do you know that feeling when you get home from vacation and then never want to eat out again in your life? That was September for me. I needed a break from 3 course cruise ship dinners every night! I know, what a hard life right? But I’m telling you, travel, it makes you learn to appreciate salads!
I broke the streak last Sunday by going for a birthday dinner at 80th and Ivy.
We started with some house-made focaccia bread. I love when the crust is nice and salty (which it was). My sister also tried the potato leek soup.
Soup at 80th and Ivy
Lights at 80th and Ivy
For my main at 80th and Ivy, I chose the pear and gorgonzola pizza. They didn’t have a ton of vegetarian options but this was right up my alley so I didn’t mind. The crust was more flatbread-y but I liked the addition of kale. It was also drizzled with balsamic reduction which really emphasized the sweet/salty balance going on.
Pizza at 80th and Ivy
My sister ordered the “mac n’ cheese” as her main. I put that it quotations because it was unlike any mac n’ cheese I have ever seen (or tasted). First off, it was made with orecchiette pasta which isn’t the best for holding a thick, creamy sauce. But this was kind of a non-issue because there was more “mac” than “cheese” if you get what I’m saying. AKA it was a bit dry. And then to top it all off, it was flavoured (heavily) with rosemary. At the end of the day, I won’t say I dislike the dish, per se, but it definitely wasn’t mac n’ cheese. For that reason, I think my sister was a bit disappointed because she didn’t get what she thought she ordered.
Pasta at 80th and Ivy
Both my parents ordered the mini butcher boards (which were only $12 each on Sundays at 80th and Ivy). It was a crazy amount of food for the price. There was steak, chicken and a choice of side. My mom couldn’t stop raving about the bacon brussel sprouts. They were quite maple-y.
Butcher's Board at 80th and Ivy
It was my birthday so naturally dessert was in order. We had three choices; cheesecake, chocolate mousse or sticky toffee pudding. Which one do you think I opted for? If you chose chocolate mousse, you are correct, ding, ding ding!! It was topped with an orange gelee and then enrobed in dark chocolate and garnished with sesame seed brittle. My one criticism is that I don’t think the gelee really added anything, but otherwise, it was my kind of dessert. I mean, it had chocolate and I ate it…because I like chocolate.
Dessert at 80th and Ivy
My sister had the berry cheesecake which she appreciated for it’s in-your-face cream cheese flavour. There was no hiding the richness here.
Cheesecake at 80th and Ivy
Last but not least, the sticky toffee pudding. My mom refused to say whether or not it was better than my pumpkin sticky toffee pudding that we ate the night before but apparently it was less “sticky”.
Sticky Toffee Pudding at 80th and Ivy
Overall it was a great debut back into the restaurant scene at 80th and Ivy. 2 thumbs up!

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