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Before leaving Seattle after disembarking the cruise, we stopped for breakfast at a place called Portage Bay Cafe. It was recommended to us by our neighbour and fellow food blogger Carrie, over at Wheat Free Mom (where I also recently did a guest post). I knew I was going to like it the minute I saw their slogan, “eat like you give a damn”. Touché my friends, touché. Whether you are in need of a gluten free, vegan or just the classic bacon and eggs breakfast, Portage Bay has a little something for everyone.
Portage Bay Cafe Menu
I’m not vegan myself but I wanted to try their vegan banana pancakes, and so I did. Made with rice flour, hemp milk and of course, bananas, they were different than your average pancakes but not in a bad way. I think a lot of people go in expecting vegan or gluten free offerings to be an exact replica of whatever it is that normally contains wheat, eggs, dairy, etc. And that’s why they end up disappointed, because there are going to be differences. But if you keep an open mind it’s a lot easier to accept such differences and still appreciate when something tastes good, regardless of what’s in it (or more aptly, not in it).
I especially liked the breakfast bar concept at Portage Bay. If you order any pancakes or french toast, they come plain and you get to add your own toppings (unless otherwise specified on the menu). There was an abundance of fresh berries, whipped cream (not out of a crappy aerosol can) and real maple syrup. Yum!
Vegan Banana Pancakes
My dad tried the hash with corned beef, veggies and scrambled eggs. His only complaint was that the potatoes were a tad al dente.
Corned beef hash

My sister ordered the classic french toast with house-made challah. Hollah for the challah! Apparently we chose opposite colour schemes for our toppings. Red berries for her, blue for me.

Last but not least, a breakfast sandwich for my mom. It was massive! Scrambled eggs, bacon, local Beecher’s cheese, arugula and tomato jam sandwiched between 2 thick, hearty slices of home-made bread (I tasted a piece for quality control, it passed). These potatoes were fully cooked so that was good.
Breakfast Sandwich
I’m not exactly sure if was good to start the trip back home on this full of a stomach…when you are sitting in a car for hours I think food makes you fall asleep more than it gives you energy. But I am glad we stopped! Thanks to Carrie for an awesome recommendation!

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