Vegan Baked Apples with Oat Crumble and Cognac

Fall is almost here and that means apples. Lots and lots of apples. Even more apples than I eat during the rest of the year (and let me tell you, that’s a lot of apples). Come to think of it, I may even go to the grocery store and buy an entire case like I did last year. Because that’s how much I like these babies.
Apples are great straight out of the refrigerator but why not fancify things a bit and bake them? Swap butter for oil and voila, vegan baked apples. We want everyone to be able to eat our baked apples, don’t we? Or maybe we would rather just keep them all to ourselves.
If you are trying to cut back on dessert, these vegan baked apples are a great way to get your sweet fix without loading up on calories, sugar and fat. See I told you we are all about eating dessert… and feeling good about it!. With a dessert like this there’s even room for a couple squares of dark chocolate afterwards too. But wait, isn’t there always room for dark chocolate? There sure is in my world!
Vegan Baked Apples
Vegan Baked Apples
Vegan baked apples
Vegan baked apples

Prep time – 10 minutes
Bake time – 45 minutes to 1 hour
Serves 6


3 apples, cored and halved horizontally
3 tbsp. cognac
1 cup whole oats
½ cup brown sugar
¼ cup AP flour
¼ cup canola oil
½ tsp. cinnamon
¼ tsp. nutmeg
Heat your oven to 350F. Place the halved and cored apples in a baking dish (there should be 6 pieces if you did the math right, right?). Mix together the oats, brown sugar, flour, canola oil, cinnamon and nutmeg to make the crumble. Divide this mixture equally amongst the 6 halves. Pack it in to form a mini dome on top of each apple. Drizzle the works with the cognac. Cover and bake for 45 minutes to an hour, or until the apples are soft. Allow the baked apples to cool slightly before serving with icecream (vegan or otherwise) or just as is! These can be made ahead of time and reheated before you serve them.

Vegan baked apples
Assembling Vegan Baked Apples
Vegan Baked Apples
Vegan baked apples
Vegan baked apples

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