I finally went to dinner at downtownfood! I say “finally” because it feels like I have been trying to go there since this time last year but they have either been closed or fully booked. Well I made it and am here to tell you all about it. Specifically, I am going to talk about the food. You can actually find the full review of downtownfood I have done over on MumRx (along with a whole bunch of other restaurant reviews I have contributed).
Here’s what we ate at downtownfood:
To start the chef offered us a little amuse; Szechuan eggplant with cucumber. It was pretty bold; sweet and spicy with a kick that took a while to set in. But it definitely woke up the palate.
We then split a couple of appetizers amongst the three of us. First was a salad with local greens, tomatoes and crispy leeks. The twist was the Asian inspired dressing, how often do you see miso in a salad? It worked though!
salad at downtownfood

We also ordered a beet tartare. You heard right. that’s “beet” not “beef”. It was bound together with either sour cream or creme fraiche, I’m not exactly sure which, and studded with brunoised cornichons and shallots. The tartare was served with cumin seed crackers. I loved the texture of them. They weren’t too crunchy, rather they dissolved on your tongue much like a savoury shortbread. Beets and cumin, you can never go wrong with that combo.

beet tartare at downtownfood
For her entree, my mom ordered the braised Wagyu beef and chanterelle mushroom ravioli, topped with a foie gras emulsion. Mushrooms and foie gras are not typically topping the list of her favorite ingredients but she really enjoyed it.
My dad tried the confited dug leg with crispy skin. Our server said it has been on the menu since the beginning so it must be pretty popular. It was served with braised cabbage, peas, carrots, Chinese black mushrooms and a Korean gochujang vinaigrette.
duck at downtownfood
downtownfood did not have a vegetarian entree on the menu but were more than accommodating and made me pappardellle pasta with various mushrooms; porcini, chanterelle – all the good stuff! The pasta itself was  made in-house and super tender. It takes a lot for me to say this but it even rivalled my favourite in the city at Villa Firenze.
pasta at downtownfood
Ok, time for dessert! The idea was to split the carrot cake and the chocolate bombe but it ended up with my parents splitting the carrot cake while I devoured the chocolate bombe. Sorry guys.
The carrot cake was a deconstruction of the classic dessert. I snuck a bite of the carrot sorbet and I loved the pepperiness of the ginger they added to it.
carrot cake at downtownfood
You know me though, always going for the chocolate. Underneath this little dome of deliciousness was a chocolate sponge, filled with chocolate mousse and a surprise of ginger sabayon in the centre. Oh and it was sprinkled with chilli flakes, so it really had a lot of dimensions to it. The spice really helped to cut the richness of the chocolate, while bringing out it’s full flavour profile.
The most impressive part of the whole meal though might have been the foam on the top of my mom’s cappuccino. Half of the soufflés I have seen haven’t been that high!
cappuccino at downtownfood
To finish they brought us some homemade chocolate truffles, complete with honey from their rooftop garden. Clearly they knew who they were dealing with, Ms. Chocoholic over here.
It may have taken me awhile to get there but downtownfood was worth the wait!

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