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For a week that was only composed of 2 school days for me, it sure took a long time to get to Friday! 
Monday and Tuesday were Reading Days due to the fact that it was Remembrance Day. A lot of time was spent reading (maybe more blog reading than academic reading though). Then I had a midterm Wednesday night and have another one coming up this afternoon. So I should probably read some notes within the next couple of hours.
It was funny, I was sitting in my social psychology class the other day and she started talking about the Halloween study. I found that kind of ironic considering I had already researched it on my own time. What a keener. 
Anyways, with a lot of blog reading comes a lot of great recipe finds. Here are some of my favourites from the week!
Gingerbread and lime, rather than gingerbread and orange? Yes please!
– This is just brilliance putting coconut panna cotta in pumpkin soup so that it melts into the hot liquid. If you follow me on Facebook you know how much I have been gushing about Medha’s photography and style. She’s my new fave! 
– I would totally omit the sausage from this and make it vegetarian. 
– Homemade vanilla is everywhere lately! Chocolate, chocolate and more made it and I just saw vanilla extract and vanilla salt on Joy the Baker. Trend of the season perhaps? 
– I am all over this naan pizza thing!
– Ok, how cool are these waffles?
– I love the combination of cherries and chocolate.
– What a way to use cauliflower!
– Regardless of the fact that it is getting colder and colder, I want gelato. Always. 
– I am crazy for cookies lately. No idea why but they are basically the only thing I want to bake. Especially when they contain my favourite ingredient (which may or may not be chocolate, I will let you decide).
– These nachos win for most creative recipe of the week. 
– But speaking of brie and cranberries, I can’t forget this bread. I think I am going to bake some sort of pull-apart bread this weekend!
Happy weekend everyone! 

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