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After eating a fair amount of thin crust pizza over the years, I have laid out a few ground rules for what makes good pizza. These include but are not limited to:

- The right centre-crust to edge-crust ratio. A good Neapolitan style pizza has to be thin and crisp underneath while remaining adequately doughy around the edges. No one wants cracker crust. In my opinion, it should have a char and chew similar to naan bread.

- No tomato sauce. Ever. Once you get rid of it, you won’t go back. Yes, I understand that certified Neapolitan pizza requires San Marzano tomato sauce but my personal certification definitely does not. It just makes it saucy and soggy and gross. If the dough is good and the toppings are good, leave it at that.

- Toppings must include mushrooms, blue cheese (any other pungent, stinky cheese will also suffice) or preferably both. Chanterelles? You know I will never say no to an ingredient like that.

- After visiting Posto I had to add one final criteria to my list; flaked salt on the crust. Who the heck sprinkles finishing salt on their pizza you ask? Well Posto does and it has changed my outlook on the pizza world.

So why am I outlining all of these requirements regarding to what makes good pizza? Because Posto exemplifies them as well as I have seen anywhere. After trying the pizza at Posto on a couple of occasions, I can say with confidence that they know what makes good pizza. In fact they know how to make the best pizza in Calgary, in my opinion. High praise, I know, but their spinach and chanterelle pizza deserves every bit of it. They start by topping it with the best mushrooms money can buy; chanterelles. Yes, I acknowledge the fact that blue cheese is noticeably absent from the equation but it is made up for by the garlic cream that is slathered across the top. No bland mozzarella in sight. And the salted crust concept? Try it and you will see that it speaks for itself. You won’t be piling your crusts off in the corner, that’s for sure. Round out the meal with more bread and a kale salad for some greenery. Life does not get much better than that.

Posto Calgary
What makes good pizza - Posto Calgary
What makes good pizza - Posto Calgary

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6 thoughts on “What Makes Good Pizza – Posto knows

  1. I am with you girl! Chanterelles and greens with good cheese – I am all for that pizza. Looks like I should plan a trip to Calgary just for this pizza:)

  2. Flaked salt on the crust? That’s an amazing idea! I need to try this as soon as I make more pizza’s.. I have to agree with all of your rules, except maybe.. Can I keep a tiny bit of tomato sauce? I always bake my crust before I put the topping on, so it’s still crunchy! Does that count? ;)

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