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It’s probably not a good thing that it has been so long between going to Briggs Kitchen and Bar and writing about it that I almost forgot that I went there. Who am I kidding? I can remember restaurants that I visited 3 years ago. I definitely did not forget about it, let’s just say that it has not been the first thing on my mind lately. Let’s fix that and talk about Briggs Kitchen and Bar for a bit.

The first thing you notice when you walk in the door is that the place is packed and it is loud. That’s a good sign though, right? What restaurant nowadays isn’t, other than the empty spaces that no one wants to go to (which means that you probably don’t want to test your luck either). As far as I could tell, everyone wanted to be at Briggs the night we were there. Unfortunately Briggs does not take reservations though, so you either want to get there early, or call ahead to put your name on the wait list.

Briggs Kitchen and Bar Poutine Briggs Kitchen and Bar Ratatouille and Chips

Once you get a table, get straight to checking out the cocktail menu. I recommend the strawberry Pisco Sour, mainly because it reminded me of sour strawberries candies, but without any trace of gross, artificial flavour. If you like fruity cocktails, you will like it, let’s just say that. On the other hand, if sweet isn’t for you, there are plenty of other options to choose from, all of which are only $8. I cannot think of too many places where a handcrafted cocktail is only $8.

Now that we have satisfied our alcoholic tendencies (that coming from the general disliker of all things with alcohol in it), let’s move onto the food. My only complaint is that they did not have any vegetarian entrees, although there were still plenty of small plates and sides to choose from to make a meatless meal. To start we tried the “ratatouille and chips”, a fun take on the French classic, essentially in salsa format with homemade potato chips. I went for beets and mixed greens with pomegranate vinaigrette as my main. Beets, balsamic, feta and pumpkin seeds is not a new combination but it was different in that it was served warm as opposed to chilled. Heck I eat beets raw though so they would have to be pretty awful for me not to like them.

Briggs Kitchen and Bar Broccolini Briggs Kitchen and Bar Beets Briggs Kitchen and Bar Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich

Some of your other options include mashed potatoes (the kind with more butter in them than potatoes aka the good kind) and broccolini with mascarpone and smoked cheddar. If you want meat, which you probably do, they have lots to choose from. Smoked brisket, pot pie, shaved prime rib and classic Canadian poutine are just a few of your choices. You can even go for a 48 ounce Tomahawk ribeye steak – but maybe do yourself a favour and share it, ok? It’s literally a Fred Flintstone sized slab of meat.

Still have room for dessert after all of that? You have three to choose from; chocolate pot, lemon pie or mille-feuille. I cannot speak from experience as we skipped dessert but anything chocolate always calls my name. Hold on, why didn’t I order that again? I guess it’s a good excuse to make a trip back to Briggs Kitchen and Bar!

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