The Canadian Food Experience Project: Ohh la la Patisserie

You have to be pretty confident in your baking and pastries to choose a slogan like “sorry you had to wait your whole life to try these desserts”. Lucky for Ohh la la Patisserie they make some damn delicious desserts. Try saying that three times fast.

Ohh La La Patisserie Ohh La La Patisserie Ohh La La Patisserie

For this round of the Canadian Food Experience Project I decided to switch things up by doing a restaurant (technically a patisserie) review, rather than a recipe. Having recently tried some distinctively Canadian flavours at Ohh La La Patisserie, I thought it would be the perfect fit. Macarons and croissants may not be regional Canadian foods per se, but the ingredients that Ohh La La puts in them fixes that dilemma. Plus it is a pretty good representation of the multiculturalism that Canada embodies. I went primarily for the macarons because despite the macaron craze ending a couple of years ago, I still love them. Let’s face it, they are like cupcakes; no matter how much you want to hate them, they are sticking around for good. Why would anyone want to hate filling sandwiched between chewy meringue though? It certainly is not possible with flavours like salted caramel, pistachio and classic chocolate. Or how about Ohh la la’s new flavour, Okanagan Cabernet Sauvignon? The wine flavour is not overpowering but with the chocolate ganache in the middle, it is a fun play on red wine and dark chocolate. None of their macarons are too sweet as they use a combination of the French and Swiss meringue methods, rather than Italian meringue like many patisseries do, according to owner and pastry chef Sebastian Judkovski.

Ohh La La Patisserie Ohh La La Patisserie

If macarons are not your thing, they are also well known for their maple croissants. I cannot think of a more Canadian pastry than that. They also have all of the classics like brioche, regular croissants, pain au chocolat and almond croissants. Or you can take home some desserts and try to trick people into thinking you made them yourself. Good luck with that one.

My favourite part is how they display all of their sweets. Although they have a main showcase, there are also several plexiglass boxes around the store so no matter where you look, you see sweets. I am not sure what is more strategic, that or the smell wafting from the kitchen.

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