Dick Taylor Chocolate

Dick Taylor Chocolate Dick Taylor Chocolate

My life is a perpetual quest for amazing, artisanal chocolate. Some people like fine wine, I myself prefer fine chocolate. When I received some bars from Dick Taylor Chocolate in the mail, I knew just from the packaging that it was going to be good. Opening the cardboard envelope and sliding out the gold-wrapped bar, I felt like a kid finding a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. It may sound like I am hyping up this chocolate quite drastically but you could tell that every aspect of it was crafted with care. The sheen, the snap, the even sprinkling of fleur de sel atop one of the bars…I. WANT. MORE.

Let’s back track a bit. What is this Dick Taylor Chocolate all about anyways? Well the name comes from the 2 co-founders, Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor. From what I can tell, they are both what you would call “a jack of all trades”. Carpenters, musicians and now chocolate makers, they thrive off of making everything from scratch. Located in Humboldt County, California, Dick Taylor Chocolate is a bean to bar operation making several different flavours of exquisite chocolate.

Dick Taylor Chocolate Dick Taylor Chocolate Dick Taylor Chocolate

They sent me their Fleur De Sel and 72% Belize Tolido bars to try and I could not be happier with their choices. You know me and salted chocolate. The Fleur De Sel bar is actually their 74% Dominican Republic variety sprinkled with salt. Similar to wine, terroir really influences the flavour of chocolate. In other words, chocolate tastes different depending on where the cocoa beans were grown. The Dominican beans are dark and quite savoury, creating a chocolate bar with notes of tobacco and citrusy bitterness. The Belize bar on the other hand was fruity and floral. Other bars that they offer include maple coconut and black fig. Considering that Dick Taylor Chocolate is made in California, I imagine that the fig bar is especially amazing.

Dick Taylor Chocolate Dick Taylor Chocolate Dick Taylor Chocolate Dick Taylor Chocolate

If you want to get your hands on some Dick Taylor Chocolate, you can order it online on their website. You can also order it through Provisions by FOOD52, which was where I discovered that they existed (and thankfully I did!). If you are Canadian like me, there are a few stores in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa that sell their bars, but again it is probably easiest to check out the locations listed on their site to see exactly where you can find it.

*Disclaimer: Although the chocolate for this piece was generously provided by Dick Taylor Chocolate, the opinions and pictures are all my own.

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