Friday Link Love May 30


I haven’t done one of these in awhile but for the amount of aimless internet parousing I do, there’s no doubt I come across my fair share of interesting things, recipes or otherwise. Also, I am probably the most unfaithful “pinner” on the face of the planet so I have to find some way to document all of my findings if I ever want to see them again! Let’s get to it, have a super weekend everyone!

– So I bought CDs yesterday – 2 of them – real, live, actual CDs! This one and this one to be exact. Who does that anymore? I just walked into HMV and was like, “man today is the day I am going to buy some CDs.” I haven’t been that excited about a purchase in a long time. Well maybe I was a tad more excited about buying plane tickets to Europe but that’s different.

– Moving on. Yeah, these veggie burgers look pretty awesome, but how about that mustard green pesto to go along side? Mustard green pesto people! It’s genius!

– How pretty would these be for a tea party, bridal shower, baby shower, or basically any spring get-together? Or just for every day eating because I don’t really do those kind of things.

– Have you ever tried making cauliflower rice or cous cous? I haven’t. I know it’s a trendy thing with this whole paleo diet fad (what the heck is with not being able to eat beans?!) but I just want to try it because I think it is an inventive idea.


Mealshare is an amazing new charity that has started up in several Canadian cities over the past year or so. I sat down with one of their employees this past week so stay tuned for the interview!

Olive oil ice cream. I know it sounds crazy but the only thing crazy about it is that it is crazy delicious.

– I’ve never really made poppyseed salad dressing but maybe that has to change.

– Not only did she get a new, re-vamped website, she made this cake piled with more berries than seems humanly possible. Don’t worry, there’s chocolate underneath all of that white icing.

Simple is best. I feel kind of like Michael Smith saying that. “You can do it tooooooo!” Some of you know what I am talking about, I’m sure.

– I was eating these little fronds basically every day and sadly, now they are gone.

– Last but not least, this. It’s a doozy, that’s for sure.

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