Salazon Chocolate

Salazon Chocolate Salazon Chocolate

Life is all about trade-offs, especially when it comes to food. Sugar-free, high fat. Fat free, high carb. Low carb, no taste. Sometimes it is really difficult to balance all of the different factors and still end up with a product that not only tastes good, but is actually good for you. Enter Salazon chocolate. Not only are their bars organic and certified fair trade, they are also vegan (except for the sea salt caramel bar), gluten free, Kosher and non-GMO. I’m not sure if there is anything left on the list to check off. Best of all, they put sea salt in EVERY SINGLE ONE of their bars. It makes sense too because “Salazon” means “salted” in Spanish. Usually “sea salt” is the sole flavour, but not in this case. You’ve got sea salt and coconut, sea salt and black pepper, sea salt and cane sugar, sea salt and cayenne, and the classic, sea salt and caramel, amongst others.

The chocolate itself ranges from 56-72%. The cocoa beans are single origin from the Dominican Republic, before they make their way to Maryland to be turned into chocolate. When they make the chocolate they sprinkle the sea salt over the bars before they are fully set, rather than mixing it right into the chocolate. What it means is that you get crunchy little bites of salt dispersed throughout each bar, rather than it being dissolved in the mix. What also struck me was just how creamy all of the bars were. Sometimes vegan chocolate can err more an the gritty side because you don’t have dairy products at your disposal to help smooth it out. This is far from the case with Salazon though, which makes the bars perfect for eating out of hand when you are desperate for that chocolate fix (AKA all of the time).

As much as I would love to pick a favourite, I’m not sure I can. If you like your chocolate to have some texture, go for the sea salt and coconut bar, as the coarse shreds of coconut give you something to chew on after the chocolate itself is gone. If you prefer something a bit more over-the-top, the sea salt and caramel bar is the way to go. It oozes with silky caramel, without deterring from the milky flavour of the chocolate, it being closer to the 56% side of the spectrum. In any case, Salazon has figured out that you cannot go wrong with sea salt and chocolate.

**Disclaimer – Although the chocolate for this post was graciously provided by Salazon Chocolate Co., the opinions expressed here are 100% my own. If you wish to purchase Salazon Chocolate to check it out for yourself, head on over to their website or find a retailer in your area (unfortunately their products are only available at retail stores in the United States).

Salazon Chocolate Salazon Chocolate Salazon ChocolateSalazon Chocolate Salazon Chocolate Salazon Chocolate Salazon Chocolate

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