The Scoopin’ Moose Canmore

The Scoopin Moose Canmore

For a town as seasonal as Canmore, it surprised me that for the longest time, they didn’t have an ice cream shop – until The Scoopin’ Moose came along that is. Sure it’s not the first thing you want to eat in the middle of freezing cold winter (although true ice cream lovers eat it regardless of temperature), but if the line-up was any indication, it’s definitely a hit in the summer time.

The Scoopin’ Moose is the brainchild of first-time business owners, Jessica Mayne and Tory Kendal. Having decided that Canmore lacked a place to go get a frosty, evening treat, they opened up The Scoopin’ Moose just over a year ago. Not only can you order just about any flavour of ice cream under the sun, they also offer crepes, both sweet and savoury, and hot drinks, which I can imagine will be perfect when things start to chill off in a couple of months.

All of the ice cream at The Scoopin’ Moose is supplied by Foothills Creamery, a local favourite for all things dairy. You can get everything from classics like mint chip and Tiger, to specialties like “The Scoopin’ Moose” and “Canmore Coal”, a black licorice flavoured variety. Admittedly licorice is a flavour you either love or hate but as Tory puts it, “Where can you find black licorice ice cream nowadays? People come here just for this flavour because they say they cannot find it anywhere else.”

The Scoopin Moose Canmore

We got the chance to taste test both a sundae and a sweet crepe. Let’s start with the ice cream shall we? You can never be let down when chocolate and peanut butter are involved so not surprisingly, the Morty Moose sundae was a hit. It wasn’t over-complicated – just 2 types of ice cream, Scoopin’ Moose and Chocolate, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and Reese’s Pieces, but the sweet and salty combination could not have been more satisfying. As for the crepe, Tory mentioned that “The Lady Mac” (named for the mountain towering above the town) is one of their best sellers, and it’s probably for its simplicity as well. For a crepe that was just filled with strawberries and topped with strawberry coulis, fresh whipped cream and a dusting of icing sugar, it sure wasn’t lacking in fruity flavour. This coming from a girl that thinks the prerequisite for any good crepe is Nutella (and don’t worry, they have plenty of options filled with it too).

If you are in Canmore, either visiting for the weekend or living there full-time, be sure to make a stop at The Scoopin’ Moose before leaving town – maybe even a couple of stops depending on how long you are there for! After all, who doesn’t like a healthy scoop (or 2) of ice cream?

Visit The Scoopin’ Moose at 722 Main St, Canmore AB – 403.621.1336; open daily 11 AM – 10 PM, including holidays. Follow The Moose on Facebook or Twitter.

The Scoopin Moose Canmore The Scoopin Moose Canmore The Scoopin Moose Canmore

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