Holiday Chocolate Gift Ideas

There is no time like the holidays to eat your weight in chocolate. Whether you are buying it for yourself, or for friends and family, here are my top picks for chocolate gift ideas:

2012 Cherries_JeanPerron_195px

1. Hand-dipped Cherries from Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut

How can you go wrong with booze and chocolate? Exactly, you can’t. Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut makes the most amazing Kirsch-soaked, double-chocolate dipped organic BC cherries money can buy. Get ’em while they last as they are only available during the holidays.


2. Ragusa Blond Chocolate Bar from Camille Bloch

Blond chocolate (AKA white chocolate in caramelized form) has been a hot commodity lately. Try the Ragusa bar with praline paste and whole hazelnuts for that perfect blend of creamy and crunchy.


3. Bulk Chocolate from Amore di Mona

For the baker in your life, Amore di Mona’s 20 oz. bar is the perfect gift. Not only is it ideal for making decadent chocolate brownies and homemade fudge, it is also vegan, gluten free and allergen free, so everyone can eat it! Win win.


4. Boxed collection from Lindt

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a big box of chocolates. Lindt offers assortments of everything from their classic Lindor truffles, to their dessert-inspired creme brûlée chocolates. Forget buying them for other people, just get a big box for yourself!


5. Single Origin Bars from Coppeneur

Fine chocolate is like fine wine; you can taste terroir. Chocolate from the Dominican tastes completely different than chocolate from Ecuador. See for yourself and try some of Coppeneur’s offerings!

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