Fall in Montreal

Fall is my favourite season. Farmer’s markets overflow with produce, the air turns cool and crisp, and the leaves colour and fall, their musty scent permeating every breath you take. Fall invigorates every one of your senses, but given that all I’ve got are pictures, you’ll have to settle for looking at the moment.


A bounty of organic squash at Jean-Talon.


Plus all of the shrooms, many foraged in Quebec nonetheless! See the chanterelles hiding in the back? You can run but you can’t hide you sneaky chanterelles!


And apples. If I have anything less than 10lb of them in my fridge at any given time, I know I need to stock up.

apple crisp

Fall means apples, apples mean apple crisp. Am I right or am I right? Cut back on the sugar and you can justify eating it for breakfast AND dessert.

Boulangerie Guillaume

I’ve discovered my new favourite boulangerie here in town, Boulangerie Guillame. Bread is easy to come by, superb bread, not so much. They make these blue cheese and walnut buns that are dense and chewy, yet crusty and doughy all at the same time. Makes you want to tear your teeth right into them and chow down!


Marou chocolate

Good chocolate. This bar is made by Marou out of Vietnam, which I picked up during my visit to La Tablette.

blue cheese


mushroom gravy

The highlight of my Thanksgiving feast; mushroom gravy. Is it socially acceptable to consume gravy on its own by the spoonful? This was too good to care. I pretty much cried when I finished the last of the stuffing drenched in gravy leftovers.

delicata squash

Roasted delicata with hoisin and soy. Perfectly suitable for eating straight off of the sheet tray.

purple cauliflower

When cauliflower doubles as art. First off, look at the size of it! Second, that colour! Almost but not quite too pretty to eat.

pickled carrots

Sometimes you want pickled carrots and you only have enough to make a single jar. This IS being saved for a special occasion.

Kem Coba

A couple of weeks ago it was still nice enough to eat ice cream (half almond milk, half Vietnamese coffee from Kem Coba). **Sidenote: It was good but I kind of regret not trying their homemade soft serve instead. And now they’re closed so I’m going to have to wait until next year.

hot chocolate

And now I’ve switched to this. Bring on the snow Mother Nature. I’ll take any excuse I can get to make a warm mug of homemade vegan hot chocolate. Forget that. Chocolate doesn’t require excuses.

Happy fall!

3 thoughts on “Fall in Montreal

  • October 27, 2015 at 7:44 am

    Well, truth be told, I’ve never been a huge fan of Montreal…..but this post makes me want to pack a bag and head there for the weekend! Wow, the produce, bread & chocolate look so beautiful and tasty! I’m not quite ready for hot chocolate and winter though, I’ll stick with hot apple cider and this amazing fall weather for as long as I can! 🙂

  • February 2, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    Goodness, all of this looks delectable!


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