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I feel like it is my mission to make a case for Canadian chocolate as of late. If my last piece didn’t sell you on it, I think I’ve definitely got a solid argument with this one. Chaleur B is a family-run operation out of Quebec producing all of the bean to bar chocolate your heart could possibly desire. I was fortunate enough to be able to sample some recently and would be hard-pressed to pick a favourite bar. I did particularly enjoy the Ugandan beans, especially in their 50% milk bar. It was full of rich, caramel notes – the type of chocolate that makes you want to keep eating (and frankly, the smaller 40g format of Chaleur B’s bars makes it easy to justify consuming an entire one in only a single sitting).

The Madagascar bar was also solid (both figuratively and literally, unless you opt to melt it that is). You got all of the red fruit and citrus flavours characteristic of cocoa from Madagascar. Last but not least I tried the Mokaccino, studded with, you guessed it, coffee beans. Coffee and chocolate are a no-brainer combination (how often do you hear coffee described as having chocolate notes, or vice versa?), but so often it’s in the form of cheap chocolate covered espresso beans, or super syrupy mochas. Not with this bar. The makers of Chaleur B actually roast and sell coffee as well, so they know what they are doing on both accounts. All I know is that they are one of my new go-tos on the Canadian chocolate market.

If you are interested in checking out Chaleur B’s chocolate, you can order it online here.

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