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Chocolate; it’s probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Iceland. But it should be, right up there with waterfalls, the Northern Lights, fermented shark, and skyr. It’s all thanks to the folks at Omnom, making their artisanal chocolate out of a refurbished gas station in Reykjavik. It goes without saying that Iceland’s climate isn’t exactly suitable for cocoa production, so they source their beans from South America, Madagascar, and Papua New Guinea. Their bars however, have a distinctly Iceland flare, with the addition of ingredients like black liquorice. All of their milk bars, including flavours like sea salted almond, coffee, and burned sugar, are made with Icelandic milk powder. It adds a subtle sourness, similar to goat or sheep’s milk chocolate, and makes these bars utterly noshable. They would make for the perfect fuel for a ski day or winter hike.

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Dark chocolate lovers won’t be disappointed either. Omnom’s 66% Madagascar bar is fruity and super acidic, actually as you would expect from cocoa beans of that origin. I’m told they also have a slightly darker (70%) bar from Papua New Guinea, however it is currently sold out.


The chocolate itself is fantastic, but what really strikes me about the Omnom products is the packaging. From the wolf that is their logo, to the funky little penguins on their dark cherries and almonds bar, it’s pretty obvious the level of thought that went into the designs. I’m actually tempted to keep all of the wrappers and have them made into wallpaper or something. They are just that cool.

If you’d like to try out Omnom chocolate for yourself, head to Iceland (it’s even sold on Icelandair and Wow Air flights)! Or likely more realistically, check out where to find them across North America and Europe, or order a selection online. You can be Omnom-ing your way through their chocolate in no time!

**The chocolate for this piece was graciously provided by Omnom, however the opinions stated here are my own.

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