A little of my lately – April 2016 edition

It’s hard to believe my first year of classes at McGill are over, just like that. Some might question whether I’m getting my Ph.D. in clinical psychology, or in eating my way through the city, but either way I’d call it a successful past 7 months or so. Here are some snaps of what I’ve been up to lately.

As you may of seen via Instagram, a few weeks ago J and I made it our mission to check out all of the top doughnut contenders in Montreal during #mtldonutcrawl2016. There may have only been us 2 participants, but I think we made a decent dent in the city’s doughnut stock over the course of the afternoon.


Cremy Patisserie had absolutely massive (and massively delicious) offerings like this fleur de sel caramel number.

Trou de Beignes

Trou de Beigne had mini doughnuts which meant we got to sample more of them. My favourite was the Matcha one with Rice Krispies.


The cronuts at La Cornetteria were a bit of a letdown – basically just mouthfuls of grease. But you can’t win ’em all.

Chez Boris

We ended on a high note with fresh, warm cinnamon and cocoa sugar donuts from Chez Boris. I later found out that if you go there before 10AM on weekdays, you get free doughnuts with your coffee. Now that’s a deal! #mtldonutcrawl2016 was a roaring success if you ask me. You can read more about some of Canada’s best doughnuts over at Eat North where I’ve been continuing to write up a storm.


Last weekend J’s parents were in town for a visit. Needless to say, a lot of eating was involved. We headed out to the country to experience the shock and awe of a cabane a sucre for an evening (for those who have yet to be initiated into this Quebecois tradition, it’s an over-the-top feast to celebrate the maple sugaring off season). I knew it was going to be a lot of food, but I still managed to underestimate just how ridiculous it would in fact be. I’m not sure I’ve ever consumed that much pork and maple syrup in a single sitting before. They put a little baggy of cracklings on each table and I aimlessly munched on them all night, in between bites of sausage, ham, pancakes, and of course, tarte au sucre and jack wax.


The next morning we went for brunch at Cirkus back in Montreal, and somehow managed to consume even more food. Look, there were greens involved though!


I inadvertently did a detox by signing up for dental surgery a few days later that limited me to eating soft foods only. Ok, well maybe not that much of a detox. I got bored of mashed sweet potatoes after about a day and a half and decided that ice cream was in order. I’m not sure it was worth the 45 minutes I waited in line for it at La Diperie but soft serve on a hot day tends to hit the spot.

La Diperie

Other food related finds as of late:

Another stellar meal at Le Mousso. This take on borscht was stunning.

Le Mousso

Tacos and some killer shrimp and grits at Fortune.


Pretty chocolates from Divine.


My favourite dish in Montreal, J’s scallops and white miso at Arts Cafe.

Arts Cafe

The ooziest chevre you ever did see.


My secret partner in crime. Stay tuned to see what trouble we get up to next. Once my mouth is healed I’m feeling like a really greasy burger is in order. Maybe one kinda like this…we shall see. In the meantime, happy weekend!


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