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I’ve been meaning to try Dandelion chocolate for what feels like forever now, so when they sent me three of their bars to sample last week, I was thrilled to finally get to do some taste testing.

All 3 bars were 70% cocoa of different origins, so it was quite interesting to line them up side by side and evaluate the differences between the bars.

Dandelion chocolate 2

We started with the Madagascar, which as expected, was quite acidic and citrusy. There were also lingering notes of raspberry jam, which I found not dissimilar to Swedish berries.

Dandelion chocolate 3

Next came the Dominican bar (made with beans harvested from the same Zorzal bird sanctuary as the Hummingbird bar I also tried recently). Not surprisingly, it was much less acidic than the Madagascar bar. Rather, I tasted smoky, tobacco-like chocolate with nuances of raisin and walnut.

Dandelion chocolate 4

Last but not least was the Venezuelan bar, which after reading the tasting notes, I was most excited to try. When it first hits your palette, it tastes like cocoa power melting in your mouth. This bar is chocolate that tastes like chocolate – fudgy and rich. There’s also a pleasant hint of roasted almonds to finish. As I expected, it was my favourite for its full-on chocolate profile.

If chocolate tasting is something you want to get into, I honestly think this is the best way to do it. Buy yourself 3 or 4 different bars around the same cocoa percentage but from completely different origins, sit down, and compare them. Close your eyes, let the chocolate melt in your mouth, and take notes about what you taste. Then have some fun tasting them blind to see if you can pick out which is which. It’s a great way to train your palette; it’s educational and it tastes good!

**Thanks to Dandelion for supplying the chocolate for this post. The opinions shared here are exclusively my own.

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