A Belated 2016 Summer Bucket List

2016 Summer bucket list

I know it’s a little strange to make a 2016 summer bucket list when summer is almost over, but so be it. Don’t let the fact that summer is over put you off from creating a list of things you want to achieve. Whether you want to go whale watching california for example, write a short story, start blogging or even go on holiday, there are no time limits to what you want to do. Sometimes it’s fun to do things backwards. Rather than putting together a list of things I wanted to do, here are some of the things I actually did do this summer…whether I had initially intended it or not.

  1. Listen to the Arkells new album, Morning Report, on repeat. I’m listening to it right now in fact.
  2. Climb a mountain. Conquered Lady Mac in 3 hours because SOMEONE has gazelle-like legs and always seems to think it’s the best idea to run back down. Hmmm.
  3. Eat as many flavours of Kem CoBa’s soft serve as possible. Strawberry coconut has been my favourite.
  4. Use a chain saw (!!!) and help cut down a tree (!!!!!).
  5. Set off fireworks. Actually no, learn to use a zippo lighter and THEN set off fireworks.
  6. Consume 6/7 of my 7 Essential eats and drinks on a trip home to YYC.
  7. Try some of Montreal’s nominees for enRoute’s best new resto. Two thumbs up for both Candide and Agrikol.
  8. Go to a Just for Laughs show during the festival in July.
  9. Read a bajillion books. Pleasure reading, what?! (including the latest Harry Potter!)
  10. Binge on BC cherries.
  11. Learn how to disc in Muskoka. Well kinda.
  12. Water skiing/wakeboarding on the Okanagan, while trying not to pull every muscle in my body.
  14. Make friends with some pretty cute goats.
  15. Finally get my lit review accepted for publication. Oh wait, still working on that one..2016 summer bucket list 2
  16. Go for (several) runs in the rain. And embrace it.
  17. Brew up some kombucha. Try to stomach it because you let it over-ferment and it tastes like straight vinegar.
  18. Consume my weight in beef short rib at Lattuca.
  19. Go for (several) runs in 35 degree heat. I’m dumb.
  20. Drink a lot of really girly, but in my defence, refreshing (it is HOT here), cocktails.
  21. Make, and eat, cauliflower cake.
  22. Complete April’s doughnut crawl by finally making it to Leche.
  23. Eat mini doughnuts and tour J around the Stampede.
  24. Go to a wedding.
  25. Enjoy some west coast sushi. Enjoy is probably an under-statement.
  26. D Dutchmen. Ice cream is a summer food group.
  27. Do push-ups, lots of push-ups. Eventually learn to actually enjoy them (check!).
  28. Get a tan for the first time in my entire life.
  29. Did I mention I got a tan?
  30. A tan! A real deal tan! I’m embracing it because the second the leaves start to turn, I’ll be back pasty as ever. Small victories.

2016 summer bucket list 3

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