Intuitive Eating Group

Sick and tired of crash diets and yoyo weight cycling? We offer an alternative approach to food and eating that doesn’t involve the highs and lows of traditional diet mentalities. Intuitive eating is aimed at getting you back in touch with your hunger and satiety cues, and learning to eat based on what your body intuitively knows that it wants and needs. A large component of this also involves learning to practice self-compassion and working through body image issues associated with dieting.

If you’re in the Montreal area and this resonates with you, check out our new intuitive eating group, co-hosted by Lisa Rutledge (dietitian), Jonah Kimmel (chef), and myself, Mallory Frayn (PhD Candidate, Clinical Psychology). The group will be held bi-weekly and also include a hands-on cooking component to help put intuitive eating into practice in session.

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