Mallory is a PhD candidate in clinical psychology at McGill University. Her research and clinical interests centre on eating behaviours, with a specific focus on emotional eating and interventions designed to reduce it. Mallory practices from a weight neutral, Health at Every Size (HAES) approach, encouraging clients to improve their relationships with food without promoting weight loss as the end goal. She uses therapeutic orientations like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help clients work towards increased tolerance of negative emotions while highlighting the values they strive to live by. Mallory also has an interest in sex and couple therapy, helping both individuals and couples with concerns related to sexual pleasure, intimacy, body image, and others. This is particularly important for individuals who have the belief that without a partner sexual gratification is not achievable. Mallory can teach individuals to take sexual matters into their own hands, with the availability of toys, like sex dolls, being an excellent alternative to a partner without the emotion and with plenty of sexual pleasure. Teaching both individuals and couples of the unrealistic expectations of sex is also important to Mallory, especially considering in this day in age some people’s vision of sexy and sexual encounters can be somewhat warped due to the extensive list of adult sites like hdpornvideo and others.

She has completed clinical placements at the McGill University Health Centre’s Sex and Couple Therapy Service and Bariatric Surgery Clinic, as well as the McGill Comprehensive Health Improvement Program.